You go! You’ve covered all the material in “Empowered, Your Transformation Guide,” and you want more coaching. I’ve still got your back with three options.

You’ve got me by your side each step of the way. I am here to steady you while you learn new skills, try out new ideas and implement new changes. I meet you right where you are at and help you get to where you want to be. 

It’s you, me and one other gal, or a spouse/partner. You get the benefit of a personal coach plus the support of another woman/spouse or partner who is right there going through coaching with you. 


Here's how we can work

You get 16 weeks of 40-minute zoom calls where you will learn how to set and adjust your own calories and macros, create a personal meal plan that works for your lifestyle, gain tips and tools to create confidence around food and understand how to tap into the power of your mindset. Includes a personal workout plan,  your copy of “Empowered: Your Transformation Guide” workbook,  weekend emails and texting access. 

Group Coaching

You and I meet one-on-one during weekly 40-minute zoom calls.  I’m going to check in with you at the beginning of the week with a questionnaire and make sure you are confident going into the weekends. I’ll be available for questions via text if you need help ordering at a restaurant or have a question about logging your food. I’m going to guide you through your workbook and help you get the results you are dreaming of.  Includes personal workout plan. 

Premier 1:1 Coaching

  • Let me hold your hand: Weekly check in questionnaires, weekly 40-minutes zoom calls, weekend emails, texting access. $347/month

  • Accountability partner: You want help, but you’re starting to venture out on your own. Weekly check in questionnaires , weekly 30-minute zoom calls, weekend email, texting access. $247/month

  • Training wheels: You’ve about got this, but want me around just in case. Weekly check in questionnaires, bi-weekly 30 minute zoom calls, weekend emails, texting access. $147/month

Alumni Association

Personal workout program built around your body, your goals and your lifestyle. 


Texting access for help throughout the week


Weekend emails providing more tips and tricks, education and motivation.


Personal copy of “Empowered, Your Guide to Transformation,” a workbook to guide you through your coaching experience.


Educational videos delivered to your inbox each week, with lifetime access to the video library.


Weekly zoom calls with personal instruction, even in group coaching. 


What to expect

Your Coaching

If you are serious about change that is lasting, then you are serious about making time for this. I recommend setting twenty minutes aside a day to work on your goals. If you are not currently moving your body much, then you will need to find thirty minutes a day for exercise.

I’m busy, will I have enough time to do this?


Nope. Nope and Nope! I coach to the individual, even in group coaching. I’m going to meet you where you are at and help you make small adjustments to what you are already eating that will bring alignment with your behavior (because eating is a behavior) and your goals.

Does this come with a meal plan? Do I have to eat differently than my family? Do I have to give up my favorite foods?


I encourage you to think about where you want to be in a year. LASTING change takes time. I’m not about seeing you starve yourself for 8 weeks so you can have an amazing before and after picture. I’m about the real deal. Helping you get results you can maintain with healthy habits and a healthy mindset. Minimum commitment of four months.

How long will this take?


You can expect to learn. I’ve got so many great things to share with you! You can expect the unexpected to happen. You will be amazed at the things you will learn about yourself. You can expect to celebrate. We count every win we can find. You can expect results. The work you are about to begin is truly life changing.

What can I expect?


If you are ready for long-term results that are specific to your body, your goals and your lifestyle and you’re willing to put in the work to learn this information, then this is for you. If you want a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all plan then girlie, you are at the wrong place.

How do I know if this is right for me?


Everything you need to know to successfully manage your weight for the rest of your life. Macros, fat loss phases, reverse diets and maintenance. Plus the stuff you need to understand about your brain and mindset to REALLY make this work.

What is covered?


Frequently Asked Questions

-connie s. 

I enjoyed working with you because your information was so thorough. I could tell you had done all your research and gathered your information meticulously. That was so needed to make me feel confident in the process of the program. I had no doubt that it would work from the very beginning. Then I proved it did by following it.

-Connie S.

I enjoyed working with Marla because her information was so thorough.

-premier client

"Marla was such an uplifting coach to work with! From my very first call with her, I genuinely felt her smile and encouragement."